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- Deaf Medico legal reports - Deaf expert witness work - Deaf Mental Health assessments - Deaf Risk assessments- Therapy in BSL - Deaf Consultancy- Training

Criminal & Family
Mental Health Review

Assessment of Deaf adults and children in a legal setting is a highly skilled and specialised task, not to be undertaken by a non-specialist.


In order to carry out such work it is necessary to have an understanding of language and culture of deaf people and of the impact of developmental experiences associated with deafness. In addition experience of the difficulties encountered by deaf people in accessing justice and how to assist enables the right expert witness to be invaluable to the court.


Without such assistance there is a risk that deaf people are disadvantaged in the legal process, whether as a witness, victim or defendant. Obtaining advice from a specialist can prevent miscarriages of justice and costly appeals.

Many of our experts have experience of the following in relation to Deaf cases:


  • Personal injury: particularly the effects of historical child abuse, including high profile cases of abuse in Deaf schools.


  • Clinical negligence: including highly complex cases relating to the long term sequelae of birth trauma.


  • Family proceedings: Capacity to conduct proceedings, assessment of intellectual ability, understanding and mental health in parents. Parenting assessments and the impact of deafness on parenting and advice on the provision of appropriate services.


  • Criminal proceedings: fitness to plead and give evidence, assessment of intellectual ability and mental health, risk assessment and advice regarding appropriate disposal. A number of our experts have also worked in Court advising counsel regarding the cross examination of deaf defendants and witnesses. Assessment of police interviews and the use of BSL interpreters in court.


  • Mental Health Review Tribunals: a number of our experts have worked in secure services and are ideally placed to carry out risk assessments and advise in relation to MHRT’s.