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- Deaf Medico legal reports - Deaf expert witness work - Deaf Mental Health assessments - Deaf Risk assessments- Therapy in BSL - Deaf Consultancy- Training

Assessment of Adults
and Children
Management of
Deaf patients
Mental Health

Deaf people are not always able to access specialist services for various reasons,including geography and funding.

If you are a generic health or social care professional with a deaf client you will need advice about the most effective way of working.

Our experts are happy to offer advice, training and consultation to professionals in hearing services in relation to a range of issues, including:


  • Assessment of deaf people in mental health settings: advice on communication and interviewing,  psychometric assessments, cross cultural issues, when to refer on.


  • Assessment of deaf children and families, or deaf parents and children: this can be a difficult area for Local Authorities and advice early in the process can prevent difficulties in later proceedings where the LA can be criticised for not providing accessible assessment.


  • How to manage a deaf person in a hearing ward: what training do your staff need? How do they communicate? How can they assess behaviour? What support is available?


  • What specialist services are there for deaf people? Who do I contact in the local area?


  • Training in working with deaf people who have mental health problems or a learning disability.


  • How to work in therapy with a deaf client? Is it possible to work with an interpreter? What special considerations are there? Where can I get support or supervision?


  • Consultation to services with deaf people in relation to meeting CQC standards and the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).


  • In-reach to prisons for assessment, treatment and advice regarding deaf offenders.